Traces of a Hoard

About This Project

This project specifically was about collection and hoarding. I have collected semi-precious stones my whole life. My collection is ever-growing and I delight in the fact that friends and family have recognised this and have set out to help me add to that collection.

I treated the body as my landscape and sculpted the wax poured stones, creating compositions that twisted around the arm and fit snugly on the finger. My choice of using sterling silver as the metal was dictated by the idea that in moulding the stones rather than using them, I was removing the material preciousness of what they are, particularly when they were replicated in wax.

The beauty about casting is that a trace has been left of what was there before. There is a clarity of the making process. The focus now lay on the form. Is the form not just as precious as the materiality? In casting them in silver, the precious nature of the object’s materiality was retuned with the intention that, as a quality, it sat as secondary to the form.