Making Present

About This Project

This research explored the interplay between space, time, object and observer and the result of their coming together through techniques of adornment.

Through a series of experiments and material arrangements, this body of work explored ways in which time and space could be interrupted through the highlighting of an encounter with object and space in order to uncover moments that transpire in various temporalities and durations between material, object and the surrounding environmental conditions. In considering adornment as something that could be of a temporal nature, I aimed to capture ephemeral moments that could cause the viewer to think and shift how to interact with their milieu.

The project Making Present expands on this research and proposes a situation in which a retail experience unfolds through a journey activated by curiosity and wonder. Through the use of material and immaterial elements and their relationship to time and duration, the space becomes a gallery for displaying ephemeral moments in order to provoke an encounter that may forge an intensified connection between the participant, the journey through their physical surrounds and the retail process they are embarking on along the way.