Beyond The Frame

About This Project

As part of my thesis, this project was an extension of my exploration into the interplay between material object and light. I chose to explore a way of reinventing an iconic Melbourne window façade by creating a permanent addition that would still show a changing over time and still successfully manage to draw connection between the Façade on Flinders Lane and the Craft Victoria interior below.

I began to experiment with prism technology and uncovered two defining characteristics. The first was the prisms ability to capture and project light, while the second was the way a prism tends to mirror its surrounds in a fractured, abstracted context. These two characteristics became the methods of drawing a connection between interior and exterior space. From the façade, a manipulation of reflections would occur as one walks past. The movement of those walking past would change according to the weather and external conditions. The play of light on the footpath would also serve as a way to draw focus to the window gallery and the space below. Internally a number of situations would be occurring. A subtle play of light was proposed between the retail space and the gallery space. This play of light would shift according to the external elements and would also create a projected gallery of the street above.