A Site Unto Itself

Object, Spatial
About This Project

During my thesis research I explored ideas of object making to adorn, of objects being active and being able to activate space through the marking of time. I began to focus on the exploration of temporal elements of site. Olafur Eliasson believes that ‘space does not simply exist in time; it is of time.’ It is constantly evolving and changing through that interplay between space, object and user.

This series of experiments were an exploration based on Eliasson’s essay ‘Models are Real’ (2007), where the main challenge was to how to activate the site by adorning a space. My approach to this work is that the object is not the adornment. The objects, when they stand alone, are just objects. They exist as sites unto themselves. Yet they serve as devices so that when something else comes to meet it, something new transpires, connecting with exterior elements such as wind, water and light, and activate it within the interior space. The resulting effect is itself the adornment, a highlighting of the unseen.